The travel industry is one of the largest economic sectors in India. It contributes to incredible 6.7% of GDP in India. It is skyrocketing because growing numbers of consumers prefer online bookings to offline.


Fascinating offers for booking hotels, airfares, luxury car rentals through their travel portals entice a large number of Internet users to buy online.


A survey conducted by Google India reveals the growth of the online travel market. According to the report, India has the third largest Internet population in the world and one-sixth of its population uses the Internet.


The Google India research report reveals that around 95% of consumers search the Internet for price comparisons before buying travel packages. Most consumers are driven by the moment. About 36% of consumers fall into this category. They do not have a previous plan, but they buy instantly.


Social networks also play a key role in the growth of online travel. More than 41% of consumers are motivated to buy due to the persuasion of social networks. Attractive offers to change the mindset of 41% of consumers for travel purchases, while 25% of consumers decide to buy it only after receiving messages.


How cell phones increased the growth of the travel market?


Buying online seems to be the latest trend and this trend has been very effective due to the large-scale use of mobile phones. According to a Google research report from India, of the total population, 122 million Internet users use social networks. Of the 122 million, 75% of users surf on their mobile phones.


Travel portals lure mobile users to travel purchases that send emails or discount messages or attractive offers. Being very comfortable and portable, consumers choose to book trips. They can book their favorite luxury cars, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and appropriate accommodations with ease.


It does not matter if visitors make a group trip or individually, using a cell phone they can easily book through the online booking system that goes to the travel sites. Consumers can pay online and generate receipts through the simple online reservation system using mobile phones. That is why it encourages a large number of consumers.


To facilitate this online travel business, travel portals have multiple interfaces to save time and easily navigate the site. Therefore, an overwhelming number of mobile device users in India are trying to take advantage of the huge online services.


A large increase in the purchase rate of mobile phones and a steady increase in the number of mobile users (349 million) indicate that the travel industry will continue its steady growth through the Internet until the coming decades.


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