India is the most dynamic and fastest growing online travel market in the world. The online travel bazaar in the country has seen an incredible development and has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign companies to invest in this sector in India. This expansion continues in a very speedy rate as the number of Internet users increases continuously. Now, Internet access has hit remote areas of the country because of the wide coverage of telecommunications companies and people take this very seriously. In this article, we will focus on some of the big players in the online hotel reservations industry who offer various services, including booking flights online.


MakeMyTrip is the most preferred online travel portal in India, founded in 2000. The company started its business in the Indo-American travel market. The company continued its business startup in India in 2005. The company offers travelers the facility to book hotels online at extremely low prices and also includes booking flights, train tickets, and taxi reservations. Today, it is not just an online hotel reservation website, but a single window that caters to all travelers' needs.


Since its inception, the company has acted as an absolute travel planner for tourists from around the world; Today is a destination for all travel needs of travelers. The company offers online hotel booking services through an easy-to-use and feature-rich portal. The company's goal is to offer the industry's lowest rates in real time. Today is the largest consolidator of flights, hotels and car rentals. The company offers hotel reservation service in over 2500 hotels in India and in over 250 destinations worldwide.


This is another online hotel reservation portal in India that offers full travel banners for visitors. This company also promotes hotel booking facilities online,, the country's largest e-commerce site developed by IRCTC for Indian Railways to offer train reservations online. This is the simplest online travel portal on the web, by its appearance, but a very powerful search engine for all travel needs. The company also offers last minute travel deals at very reasonable prices.


These are the few best online booking portals available in India. These companies offer a reliable and safe service with the lowest prices available in the industry, however, you will find a lot of variation due to availability issues. It is always best to compare rates from at least three of these sites before making a final decision.


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