Keywords in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are the blocks and foundation of your website in search engines. If your foundation is weak or poorly mounted, your web pages will not have much to base for the engines to rank.

Therefore, careful consideration is of the utmost importance when choosing your keywords for your web pages and therefore, if you choose and target the wrong keywords, all your efforts will be wasted.


When choosing your keywords, you may be in one of two scenarios: you have reached a 10th place position on an important search engine and were very excited about the traffic that invaded the site. some visitors came in to see your site.


What happened?


Well, in the first scenario, the person selected a very popular keyword or phrase and chose correctly, and many people searched on it. Instead, the other person optimized their page for a keyword phrase that many people searched for, so they received very little traffic.


So the one-million-dollar question is: How do you know how to choose the right people to optimize your website?


First, I'll mention a few ways to pick your keywords wisely, and then ways to see how popular they are.

  1. Think in terms of your customer, put yourself in the shoes of your customers, what would your customer look for to find you? and
  2. Concentrate your keywords in short sentences of 2 or 3 words (studies show that most look for 2 or 3 word phrases)


Ideally, you want to target keywords and phrases that are crawled frequently and specific to your site, but are less competitive or, in other words, think and choose popular keywords that your competitors ignored and are still popular for.


The best thing to try is to segment keyword phrases with multiple words that provide the

highest quality leads. For example; If your targeting software does not just optimize your page for that word "software" has chosen a niche phrase focused to target, think in terms of "child software" or "educational software", get the idea?


Think focus?


Also, if you take the time to target the RIGHT keywords, you'll be ahead of 99% of the world and you'll be generating more traffic with less effort. Work smarter, not harder than we always say! "


In short, put yourself in the shoes of your customers by choosing our keywords, what you want your customer to search to find you online, and enter it into a 2 or 3-word phrase using the above tools to help it in this process.


The author is associate editor at Bravens Inc., Specialized Workforce Solutions Provider Company in the United States