When you buy a new product from Amazon Store, you will be asked if you want to provide feedback on the transaction. About two weeks after the initial purchase, an email from Amazon! The stores are displayed with a request to provide feedback to the supplier. Regardless of whether your experience is good or bad, this possibility is probably most often used by clients.


Of course, I would argue that a bad experience is more likely to be published than good, but I'm sure that the number is still significant enough to affect the appearance and payment processes on the owner's website.


Does your site have a feedback form? Do you give your customers the opportunity to tell you how you did it? Won’t these opinions help you to form customer satisfaction and support? I think so.


Your client may have a great idea that will complement your site or function that they would like (for example, saving your information if you make frequent inquiries, so you do not need to fill out the purchase forms again and again).


You can set up an email with feedback during the initial purchase or send an email to the client asking to return to your site to provide information. In any case, this information can be useful for turning future visitors into customers!


The author is associate editor at Bravens Inc., Specialized Workforce Solutions Provider Company in the United States